Local Pest Control

Fieldkraft are the complete pest control service for Peterborough, Stamford, Oundle, Corby, Thrapston, and Rutland. Specialising in domestic, commercial and agricultural pest control.

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Wasps and Bees?

Are you being bothered by the friendly honey bee? Perhaps you have a family and the threat of someone being stung is too much. Let Fieldkraft take care of the wasps safely to put you at ease.

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Rats and Mice?

Rodents crawling around your garden or house can be very un-nerving and can leave people with a fear of setting foot outside. One simple call to Fieldkraft and this problem could be resolved.

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Business Environmental Control

If you run a business and are having issues with pests on your premises, contact Fieldkraft to discuss what issues you are having and how we can best approach the situation to rid your business of this problem.

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Fieldkraft Pest Control Services

We are able to assist you in a wide range of services to help you with your pest control. Please review the services below and contact us to discuss your needs and or requirements. We are always happy to help anyone with their pest control. A simple call will help us decide what possible action needs to be taken.

Domestic Pest Control & Proofing

Finding pests around the home can be one of the most disturbing times you can go through. Here at Fieldkraft, we will be able to ensure that you are not bothered by any pests moving forward.

Below you will find a list of the pests that we can deal with. Please note this list is not exhaustive and other pests can be eliminated.

Bee Management

Bees are not pests as many people see them, but an integral part of the reproduction of our garden plants.

Fieldkraft will remove all bees where practically possible and re-locate rather than destroying them (specifically honey and bumble bees). We will be more than happy to give you advice on bees that may be bothering you.

Helping you understand how to properly deal with bees and prevent their invasion of your property is all part of the service that Fieldkraft will offer.

Commercial Pest Control & Proofing

If you work for a business and are being bothered by pests that are disrupting your work environment then contact Fieldkraft to get a quote for a commercial solution. We have years of experience in both commercial and personal pest control.

We can setup an annual treatment or have an annual contract setup to help you with your needs.

We can cover all of the above species plus:

Electronic fly units can be supplied and fitted, either on a one-off or as part of an annual contract.

Agricultural & Forestry Pest Control

All proofing work is considered including rabbit and deer fencing. We strive to provide an all encompassing solution that is not a short-term answer to your problems. Consultancy and advice will be given on all wildlife management and conservation projects.

Fieldkraft can also assist in the obtainning of official licences for the management of your premises and the safe and humane treatment of pests.

Contact Fieldkraft using our online form. We hope to be able to help with your pest issues.