Local Pest Control

Fieldkraft are the complete pest control service for Peterborough, Stamford, Oundle, Corby, Thrapston, and Rutland. Specialising in domestic, commercial and agricultural pest control.

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Wasps and Bees?

Are you being bothered by the friendly honey bee? Perhaps you have a family and the threat of someone being stung is too much. Let Fieldkraft take care of the wasps safely to put you at ease.

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Rats and Mice?

Rodents crawling around your garden or house can be very un-nerving and can leave people with a fear of setting foot outside. One simple call to Fieldkraft and this problem could be resolved.

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Business Environmental Control

If you run a business and are having issues with pests on your premises, contact Fieldkraft to discuss what issues you are having and how we can best approach the situation to rid your business of this problem.

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Fieldkraft - Rutland's Specialist Pest Control

Welcome to Fieldkraft, a specialist pest elimination service run by Bill Field. Bill comes from a rural background and has a vast amount of experience of British Wildlife and the environments that support it.

With over 12 years experience as a local Authority Pest Control Officer and Dog Warden, alongside five years experience as a full-time game-keeper, Bill is ideally suited to helping you or your business with your pest control.

Domestic Pest Control

Domestic pests can be difficult to deal with without putting yourself in harm's way. Fieldkraft are able to deal with rats and mouse problems and can remove them properly.

We can deal with wasps, ants, fleas, rabbits, bed bugs and other pests in your household, commercial premises and let premises.

We now offer a drain camera service for the complete control of rats in drains and sewers. Fieldkraft, use former Local Authority Pest Control Technicians, fully qualified and insured. We offer consultancy services upon request.

Commercial & Agriculture

In the UK there is legislation that all businesses and commercial premises take the necessary steps to control any infestation that occurs on the property.

If you have suspicions of pests, contact Fieldkraft and we will come and inspect your property or grounds to help with identifying entry points, nesting zones or other high risk areas.

Pests do not come once a year, they can become a recurring pest. If Fieldkraft are employed on a frequent basis, we will be able to monitor the key hot zones, to ensure that pests do not return to plight your business.

Contact Fieldkraft using our online form. We hope to be able to help with your pest issues.