Fieldkraft Pest Control

Mole control is only one of the services Fieldkraft can offer to both local domestic and commercial customers.
Rats, Mice, Squirrels are other pest species that could well be causing you a problem at this time of year and looking further ahead Wasps and Ants are also pests we can control for you along with Bed bugs, Cockroaches, Fleas and pigeons.
Fieldkraft the complete pest control service for Peterborough,Stamford, Oundle, Corby and Rutland.

Local Pest Control

It is the time of year when some of you may be looking to either renew or change your Commercial Pest Control Service provider and or annual contract. Before you commit to anything give Fieldkraft a call it could save you money whilst improving the quality of service you receive.
Fieldkraft The complete Pest Control Service.

Pest Control Peterborough, Stamford, Rutland, Oundle, Corby & East Northants.

Fieldkraft is the local Pest Control company for the people of Peterborough, Stamford, Rutland, Oundle, Corby and East Northants.
Offering Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural pest control solutions.
The mild weather has seen wasp activity for longer than would usually be expected but on the other hand rats have been slower moving in. Cluster Flies have been quite a problem and the mild weather is always favourable to Grey Squirrels.
If any of the above are an issue for you call Fieldkraft, the complete pest control solution in your area.