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Whilst wasps continue to be a problem this time of year other pest species can cause concern if not addressed promptly.
This year seems to be one where fleas have thrived, there have been more reports of problems than I have known for many years.
With the harvest almost complete now too is the time to be aware of the potential problems of rats looking for winter quarters. It is a time to be more vigilante around livestock, pets and poultry, bird feeders are also a favourite.
If you find that you are subject to any of these pest species you might want to consider professional help and if this is the case Fieldkraft should be your first choice.
Fieldkraft the complete pest control service for Peterborough, Stamford, Rutland, Oundle, Corby and East Northamptonshire


So far this year has been one of the busiest I have known for properties that have required flea treatments.
It is very important to remember that when treating your pet for fleas that they are also wormed at the same time. There are very close almost symbiotic relationships between some worms and fleas.
Failure to do this could render any treatment within your property as at best pointless, as you will continue to be re-infested by your pet/s.
Fieldkraft the complete pest control service.


For Wasps, Moles, Rats and Rabbits call Fieldkraft Pest Control.
Clothes Moths, Bed Bugs,Ants and Fleas are other common pest species we deal with. For your local Pest Control Service around Peterborough, Stamford, Oundle, Corby, Rutland and East Northamptonshire, give Fieldkraft a call.

Wasps & Ants

We are rapidly approaching the time of year when insects can become a real problem in and around the home, whether it is ants in your conservatory or wasps in your loft Fieldkraft will have a solution to your problem.
Fieldkraft offers solutions to insect problems to both commercial and domestic customers.
If you do not want to be stung give Fieldkraft a call.

Fieldkraft Pest Control

Fieldkraft Pest Control the only provider you will need to resolve your pest control problems in Peterborough, Rutland, Stamford,Oundle, Corby and East Northamptonshire.
Case Bearing Clothes moths seem to be causing a number of customers problems along with the usual rodent issues and I have recently had my first enquiry of the year regarding ants.